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In the name of God
The Iran plastron company was established by deceased NowrozAli Shabani to meet the needs of the home and industrial appliances market in 1962 and started its work by the efforts of Mr. Ahmad Bahri as the production manager and Mr. Abolfazl Sadeghi as the sales manager at its current warehouse in Tehran.
In 2001, this factory, in the course of development and growth, due to the need for staff and of course a larger space, built and moved the factory to a new location in the city of Quds.
After that, in 2006 and with the second generation of the management of Mr. Naser Shabani and due to the expansion of industrial activities throughout our beloved Iran and adjacent countries, and also, the increased need for industrial devices pallets and the tendency of Iran Plaston company for working on specialized activities in the field of industry, it was decided to omit the home appliances from production cycle and work focused on the industrial tools boxes.
Then, at the end of 2016, Iran Plaston factory to eliminate intermediaries and provide better services to our dear producers and industrialists and our esteemed colleagues, who are active in the field of major distribution and export of these products throughout Iran and neighboring countries, and using the staff experienced in the field of sales, the company created a specialized system of distributing the boxes and pallets of industrial tools and products related to warehousing.
At present, the Iran Plaston company is moving forward with the help of God Almighty and with the third generation of Mr. Meysam Shabani management and the second generation of production management of Mr. Mostafa Bahri and the second generation of sales management of Mr. Hassan Sadeghi and using several years of experience in production and employing a group of young professionals of our dear country Iran and using the best type of raw materials and paint and the highest possible packaging quality available in the Iranian market and also in line with the production of various toolboxes and industrial parts with a forward look and the shadow of divine grace.

This company’s products and brand are registered in the Industrial Property Office and any copying or misuse is subject to prosecution.

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