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The 3-Floor Mini Drawer

Mini Drawers

Dimensions : 260×180×260

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : At homes, etc.

Mini drawers are used to organize clothes, including socks, underwear, and extra items in the room. Therefore, drawers are an important item in homes. Drawers are produced and sold at the market in various dimensions and sizes.
The 3-floor mini drawer consists of 2 small drawers and a large drawer. This product is made from high-quality plastic. It features high resistance and strength and is easily washable. The mini drawer has an estimated length and width of 13.5 and a height of 18 cm. To improve your home’s aesthetics, you can place pictures, lampshades, or phones on mini drawers.

Product Description

An Introduction to Mini Drawers

Decoration is a necessity that gives homes vibrancy and soul. There are different types of decorations. Modern houses usually have a small area, necessitating efficient use of the area.

Dressers and drawers are used to use the space efficiently. Drawers help to make manifold use of small spaces and keep extra items organized at a specific place. As mentioned, drawers are offered in various design, colors, and models.

For example, wall dressers are commonly used for keeping extra items. However, one should not ignore that wall dressers have problems including immovability. Meanwhile, plastic drawers have advantages like mobility, which makes it possible to place them in different areas.

The 3-Floor Mini Drawer’s Applications

The three-floor mini drawer or drawer file cabinet is made from plastic, cloth, wood, or metal, and is available in different sizes. An important advantage of drawer file cabinets is their lightness. These file cabinets are placed at wall closets or bedrooms, and can also be placed at other parts of the house based on taste.

The three-floor plastic drawer file cabinets are suitable for placing various clothes and sewing items. Wooden drawer file cabinets are used in offices or official environments. Some drawer file cabinets have moving baskets instead of drawers and can be used for organizing items and clothes, including socks.

The three-floor min drawer or file cabinet comes in different sizes and dimensions and can be placed in cabinets. These drawers can also be used for organizing clothes and items inside dressers. The three-floor mini drawer is also suitable for children’s rooms due to their easy to access drawers that children can use to keep their routine items, like toys and painting and stationery items.
Some drawer file cabinets come with wheels and are moved easily and effortlessly. Wheeled models are commonly used in beauty shops and hairdressers.

Purchasing the 3-Floor Mini Drawer

Purchasing items such mini drawers is necessary for organizing homes and enhancing the house’s appearance. If you intend to purchase the three-floor mini drawer or file cabinet, going to the market and busy areas is a bother.

We therefore recommend making your purchase online at home to reduce expenses and travel. Reputable online stores offer a collection of high-quality models available on the market from Iranian and foreign brands to make the correct choice by taste and receive the purchased item in a few work days.

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