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Storage Bin 201 with Stand

Storage Bins with Stand

Product code : 201

Dimensions : 110×135×205

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Arranging items, etc.

If you do artistic or technical work, you realize the importance of having an organized desk. In many cases, items falling from worktables have injured people. Having a cluttered workspace creates confusion and forces you to spend a lot of time finding your items. You can use storage bins to return order to your worktable. These bins are also known by different names, including plastic tool holders or toolboxes, plastic storage containers, and boxes.

Storage bins provide an organized workspace and save you from spending time on losing and searching items.

Product Description

What are storage bins?

Storage bins are made from durable and quality plastic and are resistant to breaking, sunlight, and moisture. These bins are produced with drawers or bases with differences in opening shape and base, and have their advantages depending on your expected application. Storage bins are produced with different sizes from models 200 to 207 and have different capacities for storing specific items. Small variants can hold Nails and bolts, and larger ones can hold large and bulky tools.

The storage bin 201 with stand is slightly larger than the smallest size and can be used for holding Nails and bolts and small tools. These bins have a base and no lock, but can still be stacked from the base. There is a small hole on top of every stand that holds the bin above and prevents slipping. Therefore, you can stack multiple storage bins with stands and save space.

The opening of the storage bin 201 is designed to allow you to pick up your desired item with multiple bins stacked on top without having to remove them. The opening of plastic bins varies in size, and you should consider your application when purchasing.

The space under the opening is for attaching a label of the items inside so that you don’t have to lift the bin.

Purchasing the Storage Bin 201 with Stand

Storage bins are meant to last a lifetime. You need to make sure that the bins you purchase are high-quality with a strong base and won’t break by dropping items. You can purchase high-quality storage bins at the Plaston Iran factory.

This company’s storage bins are made from strong, durable, and dependable plastic and are available in blue, red, and yellow. Plaston Iran has no intermediaries, which assures you of receiving the most reasonable price.

Plaston Iran is a plastic storage bin producer that offers stand and drawer storage bins with a quality and durability that you can rely on for a long time.

If you have an artistic or technical occupation or a store or workshop where you work with various instruments with different sizes that you may need at any moment, you need a storage bin.

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