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Storage Bin 205 with Stand

Storage Bins with Stand

Product code : 205

Dimensions : 180×220×330

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Storing and organizing items in workshops and factories, shops, and basements or warehouses to keep components or foodstuffs

Storage bins or tool boxes are plastic items for easy access, storage, and organization of items in workshops or factories, shops, and basements or warehouses for keeping components or foodstuffs. This tool provides the fastest and easiest access to needed items. The drawer storage bin is offered in various sizes, including 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108.

Storage bins with stand are available in 200, 201, 203, 204, 206, and 207 sizes. These storage bins are offered in red, blue, and yellow. The storage bin 205 with stand is also known as the plastic tool holder and tool box and is offered in drawer and stand models.

These products come in different sizes and model and can be moved and transported easily. This product is also corrosion resistant, washable, and can be kept in humid environments. This product is made from hard plastic.

Product Description

Storage Bin with Stand 205

The storage bin 205 with stand can be stacked to keep small components and parts in warehouses, basements, store windows, shops, and keeping and transporting medicine in pharmacies.

The most important feature of the storage bin 205 with base is its durability and strength due to high-grade raw materials. This product is offered in red and blue. The storage bin 205 with stand is relatively durable and can be used for several consecutive years after purchase. This storage bin is also light due to its plastic build which allows for stacking and using multiple bins.

The plastic tool box’s other advantages are its useful and high lifespan, lightness, strength, cost-efficiency, the variety of models and sizes available in the market, and its resistance against chemicals, moisture, corrosion, and rust.

Purchasing Storage Bins

The producer offers the plastic storage bin 205 with stand while guaranteeing high-quality plastic and a reasonable price. This ensures purchasers of the correct decision regarding their desired dimensions and sizes.

The most reasonably priced plastic storage bin or tool box is defined by criteria such as the variety of plastic used in production and the components and tools used in the process. Storage bins or tool boxes are useful for arranging and organizing small or medium-sized tools. The plastic storage bin or Nails and bolt holder is used for different purposes. It can be placed on store shelves or desks, or installed and used on walls.

Their extensive application is due to the plastic storage bins’ color and size variety. Many major or retail stores, hospitals, health centers and pharmacies, and educational institutions use these products to organize routine items and tools.

Try to purchase the plastic tool box that suits your needs. Homes or small workshops usually do not require large plastic tool boxes. Also note that the storage bin 205 with stand is difficult to move when heavy.

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