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Storage Bin 202 with Stand

Storage Bins with Stand

Product code : 202

Dimensions : 135×160×250

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Arranging items, etc.

If you are tired of your cluttered desk, spend a lot of time looking for tools and instruments, or have harmed yourself or others when items fell, you probably need a practical organizer. Storage bins are the best way to organize a worktable. With these storage bins, you no longer have to waste time looking for your items.

Product Description

Items are always at their place and worktable safety is observed, which accelerates the work process. This clarifies the importance of having a good and spacious storage bin. Perhaps you know this container by another name, like a tool box or a tool holder, but what matters is not the name, but that you make the purchase. Storage bins are also affordable and can be purchased without a significant expenditure.

These bins are knownby different names, including plastic tool holders or toolboxes, plastic storage containers, boxes, and more.

The Storage Bin’s Features

Storage bins are produced with drawers or stands. These two models differ on opening shape and a stand. Storage bins with stand are produced at 200 to 207 sizes. The storage bin 202 with stand is an average storage bin suitable for holding Nails and bolts and smaller tools like screwdrivers and pliers.

The storage bin 202 with stand is made from plastic and is available in yellow, blue, and red, which can be used to store different tools. The use of a plastic-like material has given this product excellent features. Not only is it light, moisture and sunlight resistant, and durable, their plastic material doesn’t mean that they are fragile. On the contrary, the use of quality and thick plastic means that these bins are very strong and don’t break when dropping items.

The other advantage of the storage bin 202 is its stand. This stand helps distance the bin’s floor from the surface, which is incredibly useful for workshops that intend to clean the floor. You can also stack them and save space. Although these storage bins don’t have a lock, there is a small hole on top of every stand that holds the bin above and prevents slipping.

There is a separate lid in front of the bins and bellow the opening to attach labels. You may write the contents of the bin on the label so that you don’t have to lift them every time.

When purchasing a bin, pay attention to its opening size and choose according to the tool that you intend to store. If you choosecorrectly, you can easily fit your hand between bins and remove the tool in question.

Purchasing the Storage Bin 202 with Stand

If you are looking to purchase the high-quality storage bin 202 with stand, you may do so directly from the Plaston Iran factory without intermediaries. By purchasing from this company, you can rest assured of making the purchase for a lifetime and having spent your money wisely.

Since there are no intermediaries in Plaston Iran, you can be assured of the most reasonable price. If your work involves many tools that you may require at any moment, this storage bin can be very useful so that you can save space and time in your work.

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