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Storage Bin 204 with Stand

Storage Bins with Stand

Product code : 204

Dimensions : 160×200×320

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Arranging items, etc.

The storage bin is not an unfamiliar name for people working in artistic and technical fields. Storage bins are instruments that you will need since the very beginning, especially if your work includes a lot of small and large items. But what are storage bins useful for?

If you are tired of your desk’s clutter, are working with many small and large items that you constantly need, or you don’t have time to look for them, a storage bin is what you need. You can keep your tools in these bins. A cluttered desk slows your work down and may injure you or cause you to loseitems. The storage bin is much easier to use than drawers and stacks; doesn’t take a lot of space, and can be placed at your desired place.

Product Description

The Storage Bin’s Features

Storage bins are divided into two categories, namely with drawers and stands. These two models have the same function but differ in opening size, shape, and having a stand. You can decide which is more suitable for you according to your condition. Storage bins with base are available at 200 to 207 sizes, and the storage bin 204 is a medium bin that can be used for storing a lot of items and tools.

The base distances these storage bins from the ground and allows easy cleaning underneath. This is an advantage of bins with stand compared to drawer bins since they can be easily stacked and shelves are not needed. Although these bins don’t have a lock, there is a hole on every stand that holds the top bin and prevents slipping. This will provide you a storage bin stack that takes little space.

These storage bins have a lid in front for attaching a label. You can write the bin’s content on the label and attach it so that you and other people will know the bin’s contents without lifting the bins on top. The opening of these bins is also large enough for your hand so that you can take your tools.

The storage bin 204 with stand is made from plastic and has many advantages. Firstly, these bins are light and can be moved easily. Secondly, they are suitably thick and made from quality plastic and don’t break when dropping items. They are also resistant against moisture and sunlight and can be used for a lifetime. These bins come in yellow, red, and blue and can be used for storing different items.

Purchasing the Storage Bin 204 with Stand

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality yet reasonably priced storage bin with stand, you can refer to Plaston Iran. This factory produces various storage bins in different sizes, and you can choose the suitable item according to your application.

Since there are no intermediaries in Plaston Iran, you can be assured of the most reasonable price when purchasing storage bins. If your occupation involves an assortment of items that you may require at any moment and you don’t have time to look for them, you will need a storage bin.

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