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Storage Bin 203 with Stand

Storage Bins with Stand

Product code : 203

Dimensions : 128×207×272

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Arranging items, etc.

Organization is the first step in beginning to work, and this is important from various respects. You cannot work at a cluttered desk that is not safe and slows down your work. The probability of items falling from the desk and harming you is also high. You would also spend a lot of time finding various items since they have no specific place. At the same time, clutter tires any person and increases the probability of losing items.

Product Description

The solution to this problem is having an organizer, an instrument that arranges all of your tools and sets a specific place for them. There are various tools for this purpose, but one of the easiest and cheapest methods is to purchase a storage bin. Storage bins, also known as tool boxes or tool holders, are very important and practical means of organizing the workspace.

The Features of Storage Box with Base

Storage bins are produced with drawers or bases. These two models differ on opening shape and size and a stand. Models with a stand are distanced from the surface so that the space below them can be cleaned. Storage bins with stand have various sizes from 200 to 207 with different storage capacities. The storage bin 203 with stand is an average storage bin that can be used for keeping small tools like screwdrivers, pliers, cutter pliers, and similarly sized tools.

The base makes stacking easier. Although these bins don’t have a lock, there is a notch at the top of every stand that holds the top bin and prevents slipping. This will give you a storage stack that saves a lot of space.

There is an additional lid in front of these bins and below the opening for a label to specify the contents so that you don’t have to lift bins every time. This also helps better organize your workspace and helps other individuals to find their tools.

The storage bin 203 with stand is made from plastic and is light. The high-quality and thick plastic will make sure that they do not break when dropping items inside. Plastic also makes storage bins resistant to moisture and sunlight and increases their longevity. The storage bin 203 with stand is available in red, blue, and yellow, and each color can be used for storing specific items.

Purchasing the Storage Bin 203 with Stand

You may purchase the storage bin 203 with stand from Plaston Iran, which offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. This factory produces plastic storage bins without intermediaries. Due to a lack of intermediaries, the products’ final price is very reasonable.

If you purchase from this factory, you can rest assured of not only the highest quality but also the lowest price. If your occupation involves working with many small and large items, you will definitely need a storage bin. Consider the size of your tools according to the bin’s opening size when making a purchase.

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