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The Drawer Storage Bin 101

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 101

Dimensions : 70×100×160

Qty in each package : 48

Uses : Keeping metal or industrial components, arranging items, etc.

The drawer storage bin 101 with 160x100x70 mm dimensions is necessary for individuals with small items to prevent their loss by organization. This storage bin has numerous applications.

Some people use these storage bins to organize their work, while others use it for keeping metal or industrial components.

Product Description

The plastic storage bin is available in drawer and stand models, allowing you to purchase according to your needs.

Note that the plastic storage bin with stand is available in 1 stand, 2 stands, and 3 stands, and the drawer storage bin is available with 1 to 10 drawers.

The Drawer Storage Bin 101’s Features

This storage bin has unique features that provides easy access to personal items and makes its use a priority.

The drawer storage bin 101 is made from hard plastic that prevents moisture permeation to items. The labels allow easy categorization of items and placement in their specific drawer. This prevents loss and cluttering of items.

This item is also available in various sizes and can be used in all industries.

These bins are offered with different names, including plastic tool holders or toolboxes, plastic storage containers, boxes, and others.


The colors employed in producing the drawer storage bin 101 is UV-resistant and maintains its color and appearance over time.

The drawer storage bin 101 is designed and built to be stacked easily to save workshop or work space. After some time, if you noticed that you need more drawer storage bin 101s to organize your items, you can order more and stack them on the older bins.

These bins are made from quality raw material. The product’s authenticity and health guarantee are a testament to this fact.

The advantages of using drawer storage bins

Pallets are todays used in various industries and homes. One of the most important advantages of these products is organizing items. You can use the drawer storage bin 101 to organize your workspace and access your necessary items at the shortest time.

A common reason why different industries use these bins is that they Are washable.

At the same time, their plastic build prevents corrosion and rust, making them durable for years.

Security is a problem with storage containers for small items and tools. If your items are precious and require better security, you can purchase one of the various drawer storage bins that come with a lock.

You can therefore easily categorize your items and protect them.

Since they are made from quality plastic, they are unlikely to break. However, if they break due to excessive pressure, they can be recycled back into the plastic production cycle to prevent environmental damage.

If you need an item with these specifications and features at work, home, or workshop, you can order with a few clicks and receive the drawer storage bin 101 at a reasonable price and the desired quantity.

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