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The Drawer Storage Bin 102

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 102

Dimensions : 90×125×175

Qty in each package : 30

Uses : Keeping small parts in shops, factories, stores, etc.

The drawer storage bin 102 is a useful tool used in shops, factories, and stores. This tool is used for keeping small parts that are likely to get lost, but the variety of models produced are each suitable for a particular application.

In general, plastic storage bins are available in drawer and stand models. Each of these categories can be divided into a smaller subcategory. The drawer storage bin is available in 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108 models, whereas the storage bin with stand is produced in 8 sizes, namely 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207. These bins are also known by other names, such as warehouse toolholders or toolboxes, plastic warehouse storage bins, and more. Note that drawer storage bins differ in size.

Product Description

The Drawer Storage Bin 102’s Features

As mentioned earlier, the dimensions and size of the drawer storage bin 102 is different from other drawer storage bins. The drawer storage bin 102 has a 125 mm width, 175 mm length, and 90 mm height.

The plastic used for producing the drawer storage bin 102 is hard and high-quality and is resistant against pressure and weight. Keep in mind that they are suitable for keeping small components, Nails and bolts, or similar items due to their small size.

At the same time, the drawer storage bins allow for stacking multiple bins and accessing drawers with ease.

Since organizing many small items and tools is difficult, many store owners put their items in these drawers and categorize them with labels.

Therefore, they accelerate access to items, prevent their loss, and keep the workspace tidy.

The drawer storage bin 102 is available in three colors, yellow, blue, and red. You can order in your desired color and categorize your tools by colors.

Drawer storage bins are designed to accommodate new bins on older bins after some time if necessary.

In fact, the plastic storage bins are designed to be useful in all industries.

If they are used correctly by avoiding extreme pressures and weights, these items can be used for a long time. The product quality guarantee is indicative of the high-quality plastic used.

The Advantages of Using the Drawer Storage Bin 102

You may have paid dear to purchase toolboxes. An advantage of using the drawer storage bin 102 is its cost-effectiveness.

Although the drawer storage bin 102 is made from plastic, it is offered at a reasonable price. You can therefore acquire a tool for organizing your workspace at the lowest cost.

As you know, Nails and bolts rust easily and keeping these items requires preventing moisture permeation. With its plastic build, the drawer storage bin 102 is resistant against water and moisture permeation and blocks rusting.

If you need the drawer storage bin 102 to keep your items and tools at home, factory, or other places, you can order the required number of these tools and receive them at short order.

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