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The Drawer Storage Bin 104

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 104

Dimensions : 135×170×270

Qty in each package : 18

Uses : Organizing factories, shops, desks, etc.

The drawer storage bin 104 is a necessary tool for organizing factories, stores, desks, and other places, and can be used in all industries. This item is suitable for categorizing small items.

Plastic storage bins are generally available in two types, namely with stand and drawer. If necessary,you may also order its variants.

Product Description

The drawer storage bin is available in 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108 models, whereas the storage bin with stand is available in eight sizes, namely 200, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207. These storage bin variants only differ in size and dimension.

Many people who sell Nails and bolts or small items purchase the necessary number of drawer storage bins and separate Nails and bolts by size. If your work involves an assortment of small items, you can use the drawer storage bin 104.

The Drawer Storage Bin 104’s Features

Some of the features of the drawer storage bin 104 are mentioned below to serve as an introduction to this product to organize your tools.

An important feature of the drawer storage bin 104 from the 100 series is its size and dimensional variety, which is different from other plastic storage bins. The drawer storage bin 104 has a 270 mm width, 170 mm length, and 135 mm height.

You can easily purchase several drawer storage bin 104s to place on metal shelves in your workplace. This will simply organize your workspace and eliminate clutter.

The drawer storage bin 104 is designed to be scaled with more storage bins over time to hold more Nails and bolts.

The drawer storage bin 104 is made from hard plastic and is resistant to sunlight and humidity. Therefore, there is no color loss after use and the moisture-resistance prevents rusting in the metal tools.

All plastic storage bins are offered with authenticity and quality guarantees. You can safely order this product at the desired quantity and color and receive them in short order.

The Advantages of the Drawer Storage Bin 104

The plastic used for designing and producing the drawer storage bin 104 makes it easy to wash and dry after some time.

These storage bins are useful in all industries and can be purchased and placed on the desk to organize cluttered worktables.

The drawer storage bin 104 is available in blue, red, and yellow. You can categorize your small items inside the drawer storage bin 104 with colors.

Alongside the color, you can also separate items with labels and categorize them correctly so that you spend less time searching for your desired tool or item.

The drawer storage bin 104 is made at the highest quality while offering a reasonable price so that you may order in bulk and satisfy your need. Therefore, we recommend ordering with a few simple clicks to organize your workspace at a reasonable price and high quality.

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