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The Drawer Storage Bin 103

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 103

Dimensions : 115×150×225

Qty in each package : 36

Uses : Keeping small parts and tools, organizing tools and Nails and bolts, toolbox, etc.

An important concern in professions involved with small parts and tools is organization. The drawer storage bin 103, also known as the plastic toolbox, Nails and bolt holder, or tool holder, is a store item that has ended this problem.

The drawer storage bin 103 is used in various industries and can safely keep small and diminutive items that are likely to be lost. This will prevent workplace clutter and you will not need to search all tools to find the needed component.

Product Description

The drawer storage bin 103 is only one of the plastic storage binsavailable. Plastic storage bins are available in two types, namely with stand and drawer. Each of these models have a variety of subset variants.

The drawer storage bin is available in 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108 models, whereas the storage bin with stand is available in eight sizes, namely 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207.

Therefore, you can purchase storage bins according to your need and place them at your workplace, house, or other places.

These bins are also known by different names, including plastic tool holders or toolboxes and plastic warehouse containers.

The Drawer Storage Bin 103’s Features

As mentioned previously, plastic storage bins differ in dimensions and size. The series 100 drawer storage bin 103 has a 225 mm width, 150 mm length, and 115 mm height.

All the storage bins produced come with an authenticity and health warranty, and one or multiple drawer storage bin 103s can be ordered.

Labels are used to distinguish your items and tools. These labels will help you to categorize all of your items and parts and put them at their specific place, which will save time in searching among various items.

You can stack multiple drawer storage bin 103s and access the drawers.

The red and blue colors available for this product allow you to create categories.

It’s noteworthy that the plastic storage bins are produced with high-grade plastic and color to prevent color loss when exposed to sunlight.

The Advantages of the Drawer Storage Bin 103

One advantage of this storage bin compared with others is its plastic build. The drawer storage bin 103 is made from quality plastic to prevent moisture permeation inside the container and tool. This prevents Nails and bolt rusting as well as additional pressure by the toolbox while lifting the storage bin.

Since plastic storage bins are made from high-quality plastic, these tools are durable if used correctly. If, however, they break when used for a long time and subjected to extreme pressure, they can be recycled back to the plastic production cycle.

The drawer storage bin 103’s price is reasonable considering its size, material, and use, and you can order these products to organize your workspace.

Therefore, if you need this item to prevent item and tool clutter, you can order the drawer storage bin 103 at the lowest price with a few clicks and with no intermediaries.

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