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The Drawer Storage Bin 108

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 108

Dimensions : 180×270×430

Qty in each package : 6

Uses : Keeping small items and tools, organizing the workspace, factories, stores, and others.

The series 100 drawer storage bin 108 is a plastic storage bin with many applications. This tool prevents the loss or clutter of small items and tools and helps organize workspaces, factories, shops, and stores.

Plastic storage bins are generally available in two types, namely with stand and drawer. Drawer storage bins are produced in 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108 models, and the storage bins with stand are offered in 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207 models. Storage bins are produced in various sizes and dimensions and have different names. Due to their diversity of dimensions, plastic storage bins are useful in many industries.

Product Description

The Drawer Storage Bin 108’s Features

The drawer storage bin 108 is used in many office spaces and even homes. Storage bins are mainly intended to organize small items. It is sometimes necessary to separate parts and tools for easy access.

At the same time, if all items are put together in a storage bin, they cannot be found quickly. Nails and bolt sellers commonly use the drawer storage bin 108.

Since Nails and bolts come in various sizes and types, they should be placed in separate places and boxes so that the component wanted by the customer can be found. Therefore, individuals who sell various Nails and bolts welcome this item.

The drawer storage bin 108 has a 430 mm width, 270 mm length, and 180 mm height.

The drawer storage bin 108 is available in yellow, blue, and red, and can be used for separating various parts and items.

Plastic storage bins are produced from hard plastic and are otherwise known as boxes, tool holders, and more.

The plastic build of this product prevents moisture and sunlight from entering the container. Although the plastic storage bin is made from plastic, the raw material used for production are high-quality and don’t change color or break over time.

Keep in mind that these bins can withstand limited pressure and break if it is exceeded.Use them with care.

These products come with authenticity and quality guarantees, and there won’t be any concerns with online purchases.

The Advantages of Using the Drawer Storage Bin 108

An advantage of the drawer storage bin 108 is its drawer. With this feature, you can stack several plastic storage bins and access them with drawers.

This saves work and room space from placing various storage bins. Furthermore, if you notice that you need more drawer storage bins, you purchase several plastic storage bins and stack them on older bins.

Since they prevent moisture permeation, the metal tools inside drawers will not rust or get damaged.

Keep in mind that you can purchase plastic storage bins as one or in bulk without intermediaries and at a reasonable price by ordering the drawer storage bin 108 from the producer. You can order with a few simple clicks, and your order will be ready as soon as possible.

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