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The Drawer Storage Bin 106

The Drawer Storage Bin

Product code : 106

Dimensions : 145×210×350

Qty in each package : 12

Uses : Keeping many small items, etc.

It is difficult to keep numerous small items and it requires special containers. The drawer storage bin 106 is a storage bin designed and built for this purpose. The series 100 plastic storage bin 106 is suitable for workspace organization.

Many individuals who deal with small items and tools in their workspace can purchase and use various storage bins. Plastic storage bins are generally available with drawers and stands.

Product Description

The drawer storage bin is available in 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 108 models, whereas the storage bin with stand is available in eight models, namely 200, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207.

Some people use this item to keep Nails and bolts by ordering a storage bin for every size and separating by size.

The Drawer Storage Bin 106’s Features

The drawer storage bin 106 made from strong plastic is also known as the plastic storage bin or tool holder. Storage bins are produced using quality and first-grade materials that are resistant to sunlight and moisture.

This prevents water or moisture from permeating into the drawers and causing metal items inside to rust.

The series 100 drawer storage bins have specific sizes. The drawer storage bin 106 has a 350 mm width, 210 mm length, and 145 mm height.

The drawer storage bin 106 is also designed to be stacked with several products to hold more items.

Since the drawer storage bin 106 is made from high-quality plastic, it is light, easy to move, and can withstand the weight of tools. It is therefore durable and can be used for a long time.

These storage bins are used in various industries and places, including pharmacies, stores, spare part warehouses, and homes.

To prevent bins and their contents from slipping, some warehouse keepers place plastic storage bins in metal shelves. This keeps storage bins in order and prevents cluttering of tools inside drawers.

The Advantages of the Drawer Storage Bin 106

Organizing places is an important advantage of purchasing and using the plastic storage bin at home, at work, stores, or even factories. This product eliminates the need to spend time to rummage through tools and items.

The other advantage of purchasing from the producer is direct and non-intermediated purchase of the drawer storage bin 106. You can therefore order this product at the lowest price at the desired quantity and make use of its other advantages.

If the product broke after some time and became unusable, it can be recycled and used for other applications.

This product is offered in various colors, which allows the customer to organize their items. If you are using the drawer storage bin 106 at home, you can match its size to the other items in the room.

If you need the drawer storage bin 106 to organize your items, you can order in limited or bulk quantities with a few clicks and receive it shortly.

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